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dimanche, mai 17 2009

Paroles et traduction de Peace

Peace will come to me Peace will come to me I’m leaving bitterness Behind this time I’m cleaning out my mind There is no space for the regrets I will remember to forget Just look at me I am walking love incarnate Look at the frequencies at which I vibrate I’m going to light up the world Peace will  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Perfect

On another world by another star At another place and time In another state of consciousness In another state of mind Everything was almost perfect Everything fell into place The jury reached a different verdict Before the judge dismissed the case In a parallel universe That's happening right now  […]

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mardi, avril 28 2009

Résultat du concours Lays


Résultat du concours d'avril 2009 pour gagner un exemplaire du livre Lays dédicacé par l'auteur Jugurtha Harchaoui. La question était la suivante : Aujourd'hui David Gahan écrit 3 chansons par album. Mais en 1995, lorsqu'il a proposé sa toute première composition, intitulée The Ocean Song, Martin  […]

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lundi, avril 27 2009

Paroles et traduction de In Chains

The way you move Has got me yearning The way you move Has left me burning I know you know what you're doing to me I know my hands will never be free I know what it's like to be In chains The way you move Is meant to haunt me The way you move To tempt and taunt me I know you knew on the day you were  […]

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dimanche, avril 26 2009

Paroles et traduction de Oh Well

Paroles et traduction de Oh well Oh you’ve got a way about you Oh I know so much about you Girl Life won’t be the same without you Life will surely be the one to tell Listen to what she’s trying to tell you She could be the one who’s going to save you Oh well Oh well Life won’t be the same without  […]

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Paroles et traduction de The sun and the moon and the stars

The sun and the moon and the stars One subtle look God help me Is all it took To sell me One single word Unspoken Your name unheard And I’m broken The sun and the moon And the stars in the sky are laughing They’ve seen it all before For the wind in the trees And the waves on the seas It’s the same  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Corrupt

I could corrupt you In a heartbeat You think you're so special Think you're so sweet What are you trying Don't even tempt me Soon you'll be crying I wish you'd dreamt me You'll be calling out my name When you need someone to blame I could corrupt you It will be easy Watching you suffer Girl, it  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Jezebel

They call you Jezebel Whenever we walk in you're going straight to hell For wanton acts of sin they say and that I'll have to pay But I need you just this way They call you Jezebel For what you like to wear You're morally unwell They say you never care for me But what the fail to see is that your  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Miles Away / The Truth is

It's one of those conversations we've, we've had them before The ones that leave you empty and wanting for more Your eyes they tell me something that I understand Your eyes they hold the truth and the truth is You're miles away Excuse me for my hesitation I've, I've met you before Your face seems so  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Come Back

Come back, come back to me I've been waiting, patiently Come back, come back to me I've been waiting here patiently Walking a thin white line between love and hate Wasting all of my time in another world, in another place I could use a little company A little kindness could go a long way Weeks turn  […]

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Paroles et traduction de In Sympathy

they're almost falling over you why don't they call a truce what ever they are trying to do its of little use they're drowning you in compliments trying to furnish proof although they speak with eloquence there is little truth you're bright, you're strong, you know the right from wrong at least to  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Little Soul

My little light Is going to shine Shine out so bright And illuminate your mind My little soul will leave a footprint This little voice Is going to sing I have no choice It will infinitely ring My little soul will leave a footprint I’m channeling the universe That’s focusing itself inside of me A  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Fragile Tension

There's a fragile tension, That's keeping us going It may not last forever, But oh well it's blowing There's something magical in the air Something so tragic we had to care There's a strange obsession, That's drawing us nearer We don't understand it It never gets clearer There's something mystical  […]

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Paroles et traduction de Hole to feed

We are here, we can love We share something I’m sure that you’ll mean the world to me Your name was the one that was always chosen Your words and the kindness have set me free Shame as a hold that has kept us frozen You open my eyes to a world that I could believe Words can leave you broken inside  […]

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jeudi, avril 23 2009

Paroles et traduction de Ghost - Le spectre

I'm the ghost in your house Calling your name My memory lingers You'll never be the same I'm the hole in your heart I'm the stain in your bed The phantom in your fingers The voices in your head One touch is all it took To draw you in To leave you hooked One kiss, you paid the price You had a taste  […]

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dimanche, mars 29 2009

Martin L. Gore – Lays traductions de Jugurtha Harchaoui


Lays : De l’anglais, court poème lyrique récité ou chanté par un ménestrel. Le livre Lays regroupe 87 textes écrits par Martin Gore pour Depeche Mode et qui sont, pour l’essentiel, traduits en français par Jugurtha Harchaoui. Cette initiative réjouissante semble assez anachronique en 2009, époque où  […]

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samedi, février 21 2009

Paroles et traduction de Wrong


I was born with the wrong sign In the wrong house With the wrong ascendancy I took the wrong road That led to the wrong tendencies I was in the wrong place at the wrong time For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme On the wrong day of the wrong week I used the wrong method with the wrong technique  […]

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vendredi, janvier 2 2009

Paroles et traduction de The Sinner in Me

If I could just hide The sinner inside And keep him denied How sweet life would be If I could be free From the sinner in me I'll never be a saint That's not a picture That your memory paints Not renowned for my patience I'm not renowned for my restraint But you're always around You can always be  […]

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dimanche, octobre 7 2007

Depeche Mode, Paroles et traductions

Liste alphabétique de morceaux écrits ou chantés par Depeche Mode au fil des ans. Il y aussi un livre non exhaustif qui a été commercialisé en 2009, Lays traductions de textes de Martin Gore par Jugurtha Harchaoui. A A Pain That I'm Used To Addiction And Then Any Second Now A Photograph of You A  […]

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